Model Train Show Jan. 2018

Train Show.

This show only cycles through the area once every 5 to 10 years. I’d imagine this is done since the rest of the time, it’s in other areas, i.e. it’s not so much a local event.

World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour

Great show, vendors and trains aplenty, N gauge through Garden, and then some. Many modern model railroads leave the tracks fully powered and use an electronic circuit in the engine, or some cars, to control speed or effects. This way lighted cars remain fully lighted, they don’t dim and go out as a transformer controlled engine is slowed and stopped. This feature is referred to as DCC, for Digital Command Control. For more info:

Beginners guide to Command Control and DCC

And many newer products are available with Sound Effects, usually an option and likely keyed to DCC operation.

Of course, the traditional method of control is still in use, and most engines will work with both, the electronic control usually requiring a module to permit that operation. My son (I attended with one son and his sons, i.e. two of my grandsons) noticed a Blue Tooth Controlled Engine. What a wonderful idea, controlling the train from an app on a smart phone or tablet, this ties in the trains with the technology some kids seem downright addicted to. I’m trying to introduce my grandsons to measuring instruments, voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc., but in model trains, voltage and current measurements come in handy, and they’re not a phone or tablet, they get experience with something you can’t play games on.

Train links……

Model Train Stuff

Bachmann Trains

And now, the Train Show. I didn’t think photography was allowed, but many others were freely taking pictures and movies. So, well into the show, I started taking pictures and video too.

Here are some videos (many taken by my son), awkwardly presented, this blog doesn’t support videos uploaded to it, so this is my best try, on the cloud. Sorry for the lack of expertise. The Lego Train Platform, when I first began to film and video, is awesome, large, and detailed. At the show, everyone I spoke with was friendly, knowledgeable (concerning my questions), and just fun to be around. I enjoyed talking to the people from Bachmann.

Lego 0 Gauge:

Platform Far End – 10 Seconds

Steam Engines Close But Dizzying View – 17 Seconds

City & Passing Diesels – 9 Seconds

Quick Scan City – 15 Seconds

Steam Engine Coal Bunkers & Service Area – 15 Seconds

Lionel 0 Gauge:

Platform, UFO Crash Scene, Diesels – 15 Seconds

Active Rail Traffic, Diesel, Steam, and a Smoking Steam Engine – 15 Seconds

Active Stack Display – 14 Seconds

And photographs:

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brief look into a Train Show definitely worth seeing, let your kids, grand kids, or the kid inside of you experience the fun of model railroading. And, there may be a club near you, share your thoughts, experience, and skills with others.

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