Halloween is Nearly Here – Some Creative Short Videos

Halloween is upon us, well, nearly so. With death and destruction the mainstay of modern Hollywood movies, here’s 4 short scary videos, great for Halloween, that involve no death, dismemberment, or actual harm. Two are less than 10 minutes in length, present scary concepts in novel ways, and I’m sure many people will enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Paralys (Length 7:40)
(OK, it’s foreign, but few words are spoken and they’re subtitled).

“”A short horror film visualizing the experience of a sleep paralysis.””

The scariest of the bunch, based on events known to occur, sleep paralysis is a natural state to keep us from acting out our dreams. But sometimes, while dreaming, we awaken, but can’t move

This clever concept mixes subtle elements the young lady was exposed to before falling asleep. Very scary, but positive ending, no one harmed, no explicit violence, but frightening imagery briefly.

2. Echo Torch (Length 20:22)

An inventor creates an electrical torch that reveals a hidden world layered upon our own – filled with beautiful spirits, strange creatures, and dangerous phantoms.

Another scary one at times, a suspenseful scare that is unseen at first, then progresses into the “meet the monster” stage. Novel concept, a refreshing idea that at least a few writers/directors/producers are still capable of independent thought, with a plot where no one is killed or injured.

3. Kontakt [Sci-fi short film] (Length 20:00)

A UFO enthusiast waiting in the woods for a photo of a UFO. He accidentally meets a stuck-up girl from school, they explore an abandoned home, but it’s not as unoccupied as thought.

More meandering than the others, peaks in an exposure with an alien under unusual circumstances. One concept was weak, something the young woman does that assists the aliens, a simple mechanical concept. But overall, another great short not a simple Hollywood rehash and is scary with no one injured and no blood shed.

4. CROPPED (Length 5:57)

Cropped is about a group of UFO enthusiasts who clash with their cynical crop circle tour guide. When night falls the group have to set their differences aside when the mystery of the crop circles is revealed.

Great Comic Relief. Clean, funny, it is suspenseful but builds to the unexpected end.


Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

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