Poland – God’s Gift to the World

One point I hate to break to some is Poland is heavily Catholic. Disparage Catholics all you want, but Poland routed the muslims during the Crusades, again they were Catholic. Poland has solidarity of Race and Religion. Some of us are fully aware of the commercials pushing race mixing, and our fractured Christianity pits Christians against Christians. 

Watch the following video, Israel says it’s anti-Semitic. Select Jews want Poland to roll over belly up and accept muslims. Poland won’t, so it’s time to pull out the anti-Semite weapon. 

IPNtv: The Unconquered 

Poland made it illegal to say that Poland was partners with the Germans in the Holocaust, there were no Polish Death Camps, there were German Death Camps in Poland. See the following video: 

A message from Poland to Israel 

Poland is experiencing Chanukah and Christmas, not riots in the street, because the Polish people addressed refugees and immigrants by exercising their Democratic rights, if you were a politician that supported refugees, you got voted out. 

Declining Germany, Rising Poland 

The V4, formerly V3, but one country split into two. They reject the U.N. Mandate to accept refugees and Immigrants. 

“”Tribute to the Visegrad Four countries: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Often in the West we hear of “Europeans values”, “Western values”. Those values that are touted as “European” and “Western” by Leftist are anything but. The value of self-hate is a value of the far-left imposed on Europe over the last half-century.”” 

Visegrad Alliance – Central Europe Rises 

And Poland has a history of rejecting islam: 

Battle Of Vienna – September 11th 1683 

God Bless Poland, the V4, and all its People, have a Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas.

Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

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