wX – Detailed Weather Radar, Notifications, and Forecasts

wX – A Weather Radar program with the potential to fill in for, or exceed, PYKL3 Radar.

I had written to the developer, there were things I didn’t understand. But even before I had a chance to supply him screenshots, I solved some of the issues on my own.

I’m going to install wX on another tablet and set it up for the purpose of this blog entry.

Newly installed, it opens to a default location, looks like Norman Nebraska. The four pages following are the initial page, the pages viewable by vertically scrolling the initial page, showing the weather for the designated location.



To see the Full Radar View, select the Lightning Bolt in the Lower Right of the Initial or Scrolled-to Pages.

Once in the Full Radar View, the Menu Dots in the lower right open the Weather Radar Product selections, and there’s a nice array of them, listed as Level 2 and Level 3. These are part of wX and do not require additional payments or subscriptions to view them.


For Alternate Menu Selection Points and Additional Features, see following image:

Main Radar Screen More Selections

The Level 2 selection offers:

• SuperRes Reflectivity
• SuperRes Velocity

The Level 3 selection offers:

• Echo Tops
• Vertically Integrated Liquid
• Differential Reflectivity
• Correlation Coefficient
• Specific Differential Phase
• Hydrometer Classification
• Storm Relative Mean Velocity
• Digital Storm Total Configuration
• Digital Accumulation Array
• Base Spectrum Width
• VAD Wind Profile

In addition, on the Full Radar Screen without opening the Menu Dots is a Squared Area with simulated Radar Image, it offers Base Reflectivity, and a Circular Shaped Area offering Base Velocity.

Main Radar Screen Selections

Select any Radar Product of interest, and if Weather is shown on the Radar, observe how they are presented and the information they provide.

There are also:

• Sharing and Drawing Tools
• Options to Animate
• Select Radar Tilt
• TDWR Sites
• And useful Tools and Help.

On the Full Radar Screen, a single finger on Touch Screen moves the view, and two fingers are used to Pinch Zoom and Zoom Out (Reverse Zoom). Both Initial Radar Screen and Full Radar Screen Zoom Out with a Brief Tap on the Screen away from areas used to select other options. The Full Screen can be Zoomed Way Out, then quickly brought back with reverse pinch motion of two fingers on screen. The Initial Radar Screen Zooms Out with the Brief Touch, but resists Zooming In again. I’ve noted if you anchor one finger and use the other to do the Reverse Pinch movement moving only one finger, the Screen will Zoom in readily, though if you press too long with the anchored finger, the Radar Selection Screen Pops Up instead. A little practice and it is easy to perfect Zooming the Initial Screen.

Long Pressing a single finger on the Full Radar or Initial Radar Screen brings up the Radar Selection Screen and other options, such as:

• Show Warning Text
• Show Nearest Observation to Selected Radar
• Show Nearest Forecast
• Show Nearest Meteogram
• Show Radar Status Message for Selected Radar


For the purposes of showing the Weather Radar in use, I looked at a U.S. Weather Map online, found an area in Louisiana experiencing weather, and added Franklinton Louisiana as a Saved Location.

Start with the Initial Radar Screen.
Touch Home just below “Local” near the Top Left.
A Drop Down Menu occurs allowing Selection of Saved Locations or Adding One.
Touch Add Location.

The Location Screen is produced.

You can replace the Generic Location 2, 3, etc., name with a Name of the Specific Area being added. In my Example I named it Franklinton LA USA

You now need to add the Latitude and Longitude of the Location. Putting the City Name, State, and the Term Latitude in a Google Search readily reveals the desired information, unfortunately there are several formats, wX is looking for a specific one.

Signed degrees format (DDD.dddd)
A latitude or longitude with 8 decimal places pinpoints a location to within 1 millimeter (1/16 inch).

Precede South latitudes and West longitudes with a minus sign.
Latitudes range from -90 to 90.
Longitudes range from -180 to 180.

In this example, this is what is needed.

41.25 and -120.9762


-31.96 and 115.84

But you might see it like this, or other, seemingly similar formats.

41° 15′ 0” N and 120° 58′ 34.32” W


31° 57′ 36” S and 115° 50′ 24” E

There are Websites that convert between formats, but if you Google enough, you should find the desired one directly. I discovered searching for something like –

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania GPS Coordinates

– returned the desired format quite often in searches.

Forcast Location Additions:


After a New Install on my Tablet, Adding a Location Brings-Up a Blank Location 2 page. I Wrote in the Location Name, provided the GPS Coordinates, and at this time have not selected any Notifications, but Notifications are a Great Feature, I’m using these on my other tablet. When you’ve entered a Location Name and GPS Coordinates, be sure to Tap the Blue Checkmark at the Bottom to enter them.

You can modify Notifications by going to Settings on the Initial Radar Screen (three dots), going to Locations, and Tapping on the Desired Location. Be sure to Tap the Blue Checkmark when the Modifications are completed.

Location Set

Radar Sites Additions and Management:


Radar Selection

Management of Radar Sites Selected by User:

Radars and Placement

System Notifications and Pathway:

System Notif 1

System Notif 2

Well, what a delightful feature filled program. I hope to one day see Rotation and Tornado Signature Markers on the Radar Display. I found them valuable in the PYKL3 Radar Weather Radar App. But I think that wX will progress, soon taking over where PYKL3 left off.

I hope that this helps any initially confused by wX, bear with it, it’s worth the effort.

Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

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