An Ongoing Effort About Plants


Wild Flowers and More….

Nearby, Milkweed Plants, discovered growing wild in an Alley. They’re Bee and other Pollinator Magnets. Even flies were attracted and aid in the Pollination of Plants.

Pollinator Mothership

Milkweed is essential to the reproduction of Monarch Butterflies, as this is the only host plant for their caterpillars. These plants must be unmolested through the seasons, as the caterpillars build their cocoons (chrysalis) on Milkweed. Many of us can put aside an area with Milkweed, Bees are diminishing due to excessive chemical use, likely other causes, having reliable pollinators at the ready, how can you go wrong? And help rebuild the Monarch Butterfly population by restoring the habitat they need.

Last, but not least, a short video clip of the Bees on the Milkweed. Sorry for the less than steady camera work, but I’m holding an extendable leash with a 130 lb dog on the other end, and I’m afraid she’ll reach the end and I’ll drop my cellphone.

Video of Bees

Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

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