Observatories and Laser Guide Stars

Relaxing non-political videos.

Only the first 3 play via my Roku, the other 2 stop playing. They may all play on Computers or systems with more resources.

If you have children or teens, they may be interested in these, and share with Friends and Relatives that have such interests. Stunning video, relevant music.

What’s a Laser Guide Star?:

A laser guide star is an artificial star image created for use in astronomical adaptive optics systems, which are employed in large telescopes in order to correct atmospheric distortion of light (called astronomical seeing). Adaptive optics (AO) systems require a wavefront reference source of light called a guide star. Natural stars can serve as point sources for this purpose, but sufficiently bright stars are not available in all parts of the sky, which greatly limits the usefulness of natural guide star adaptive optics. Instead, one can create an artificial guide star by shining a laser into the atmosphere. Light from the beam is reflected by components in the upper atmosphere back into the telescope. This star can be positioned anywhere the telescope desires to point, opening up much greater amounts of the sky to adaptive optics.

Mauna Kea Heavens Timelapse

Mauna Kea Heavens 2

Keck in Motion

Mauna Kea Heavens 3

Mauna Kea Heavens 4

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