A Humidity App, a Weather App, and Weather Links

Relative Humidity, by the National Weather Service

Relative Humidity Calculator Online

The above site asks for the Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb Temperatures; in Fahrenheit or Celsius; and Barometric Pressure in Millibars or Inches of Mercury. It has a value in it already for Barometric Pressure, so all that needs added is Temperatures. But, if wanted, set it to Inches of Mercury and use the Barometric Pressure from the Weather Report, or from a home Barometer. Use Whole Numbers and Decimals. My Barometer has 10 divisions between each whole number, like 29 and 30. If the needle is on the first division, it would be 29.10, on the second, 29.20, etc. If between .1 and .2, it would be 29.15

Or, use an app:

Humidity Calculator App, available on Google Store

Weather Links I Use Often, I was going to do another Blog Entry, but I remembered I already had one:

Weather Links and Notes, Also Zulu or UTC Time Conversion

Blog Entries on a Specific Topics:

Weather Glass Barometers

And a great, Free, Ad Free Weather App for Android

wX – Detailed Weather Radar, Notifications, and Forecasts


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