Some things about the Disease Du Jour

Some things many of us might not know, might not have considered, and might like to know to help us research more, listen more critically and with circumspection, to the news and events about the Disease Du Jour.
From My Research, and My Numbers and Calculations, the Following:

In 2017/2018 Flu Season, the CDC claims 61,000 Americans died from the Flu, that is over 160 deaths per day if averaged over a year. If 3 months is assumed to be the flu season, that’s 678 deaths per day. No one even really talks about it.

Forbes Magazine reported (Multiple times since 2013 at least) that due to Medically Preventable Deaths, 98,000 people per year, die in American Hospitals. The same article said that it is now estimated 440,000 Americans Die, per year, from Medically Preventable Deaths.

98,000 per year is 268 Deaths per day.
440,000 per year is 1205 Deaths per day.
Where’s the media on the above topic?

Stunning News On Preventable Deaths In Hospitals

Perhaps more Conservative, the following commentator. But read the article, don’t dismiss the information she’s offering, not without proof that it is wrong.

Michelle Malkin:
Coronavirus And the CDC – Centers for Damaged Credibility

I began to doubt the significance of the Disease Du Jour for multiple reasons. The numbers above for instance. But the Following Article, a Blog (this also Appeared on Zero Hedge, but he correctly attributed it to the blog), he’s suggesting this is the tail end of the Flu Season repackaged for the Disruption of the Economy, possibly the Global Economies.


There is some valid points in his Blog, including a Fiction Book that described a similar situation, and started in the same city. It makes the current “crisis” seem scripted.

Below, the Gateway Pundit took the Numbers from Worldometer, the running article they have on the Disease Du Jour, and they came up with the following:
Gateway Pundit:

In the following, look at their opinion why the virus will stop spreading in early summer, yet that won’t be long enough to disrupt the election, or economy, or world economies, so we need to have one (or at least try and convince us) who’s infection spread might survive over 600 days, there simply is no precedent for that with this type of pathogen. SARS, which had a 10% Fatality Rate, and was confined to China and Hong Kong, abruptly stopped in May Weather, never to return.



At this point, a series of Links from VDare have been removed. They suggested racial factors for people most vulnerable to the virus. Since this blog was originally published, these factors, though possibly still having some applicability, overall they no longer seem to be the case.

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