Commonsense – In the U.S., It’s in Short Supply

The first image is known as the Featured Image. It represents the comparative size of the particle Respirators are designed to remove, in black, with the virus.

Commonsense: Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

Fact: Definition 

1a: Something that has actual existence
b: An actual occurrence
2: A piece of information presented as having objective reality
3: The quality of being actual:

The Facts are that police are ridiculously enforcing edicts from mayors and governors, but not enforcing things actually saving lives. As 5500+ (and counting) people died in New York Nursing Homes (attributed to covid19), many died due to a governor that insisted that Nursing Home Residents that were hospitalized, and discovered to be covid19 positive, be returned to the nursing homes, where were the police? People were dying, en masse, and no police to be found.

NY Nursing Home Requirement

Similarly in Pennsylvania, Rachael Levine, the Health Secretary, required that Nursing Home Residents that Have/Had covid19 to be returned to the Nursing Home from the Hospital, and then removed her mother from the Nursing Home and placed her in a Hotel to protect her from covid19. Where were the police? People were dying, and police were, as usual, missing, because they will not stand for the citizens against the DNC and democrats in control of the cities and states where they work.

Pennsylvania Department of Health: Interim Guidance for Nursing Facilities During COVID-19 (3/18/20)

“Nursing care facilities must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable to alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care settings. This may include stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus.”

  • Facilities should continuously consult the 2020 Health Alerts, Advisories and Updates for the most current information related to Test of Cure under the title “Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings” See:
  • Nursing care facilities should continue to employ normal discharge-to home criteria to assist in LTC bed availability. If there has been a positive case, then appropriate quarantine measures shall be taken at the direction of the Department of Health of the CDC.

Let’s see the logic of this.

How many people, reading this, think it made sense to send covid19 infected (or potentially infected) patients back to the Nursing Home to be in the proximity of other extremely vulnerable Residents? The act of removing her mother from the Nursing Home in Pennsylvania is a tacit admission on the part of Rachael Levine that returning covid19 positive residents to the Nursing Home posed a high risk likely to cause fatalities. Isn’t that murder? 

Other states have been stacking the death rate with people that did not die from covid19, Virginia was adding the same person over and over to the number of covid19 cases every time the same people tested positive on another test. We have fraud going on in immense amounts, the economy is being destroyed because of it, and police ignore the fraud and economic destruction because it is being orchestrated by their masters.

But step outside without a mask on, dear lord, there are 20 cops available to throw a mother to the ground, in front of her toddler, they are available to close Hair Salons, Barbers, Bars, and Restaurants, often by police not wearing Masks, Respirators, or HazMat Suits and not observing Social Distancing.

Cities have release Rapists, Murders, and the like, to stop the spread of covid19. Yes, indeed, these are criminals you can trust to obey the Lock-Downs, they wouldn’t be the type to break such important rules such as that, right? And Police have reduced the number of in-person report taking for Burglaries, Shoplifting, etc., to reduce the contact with people possibly exposed to covid19, but for some reason, boredom most likely, far too many of them decided that harassing and arresting innocent people trying to keep their businesses afloat, to feed their families, to pay the bills, exercise in a remote area of a public park, etc. is now the new hobby of police, often with Facial Masks, Respirators, and Social Distancing not being adhered to by those in their own ranks.

Fauci, a pig, most assuredly a tyrant, and most likely senile, told us, consistently, during the peak of the virus activity, that we did not need to wear Respirators or Masks, and now, with the curve flattened, suddenly we do? Does that make sense to anyone?

Birx, part of the stooges the govt has foisted upon America, thinks it’s wonderful that everyone that dies with covid19 is recorded as a covid19 death. So, suicides, car crashes, heart attacks, cancer, you name it, if a patient dies from those causes, but tests positive for covid19, they are a covid19 death.

But wait, there’s more.

Even after death, Birx tells us (directly or indirectly) if they are tested and found to be negative for covid19, if they had the symptoms of covid19 they are to be recorded as a covid19 death.

It’s like American has raised a giant flag with the words on it “We’re a Nation of Morons”.

If a person is wearing a Mask (not a Filtering Facepiece Respirator), they are not protecting themselves from others, but they are helping to protect others from them.

If a person is Wearing a Filtering Facepiece Respirator (not a Mask), they are helping to protect themselves from others, and helping to protect others from them, BUT……….

If a person is Wearing a Filtering Facepiece Respirator that has an exhaust valve, they are helping to protect themselves from others, BUT NOT helping to protect others from them. But I’ll bet, police are not interested in details, they are binary, Respirator Worn GOOD, NO Respirator Worn BAD. But it’s not that simple. A person wearing a Respirator with an Exhaust Valve, in terms of others near them, for the largest part, is the same as a person not wearing a Respirator at all. Yet to Binary Police, they will think “All good, the person is wearing a respirator”.

There is little doubt that wearing a scarf or bandanna is not really protecting anyone, especially the way some are wearing them. In Germany, they had a video of a store, customers approached, the attendant at the entrance cleaned the handle of the shopping cart, then using tongs, picked-up a Mask and handed it at arms length to the customer, to be thrown away (perhaps kept by the customer) as he or she left the store. Doing this, there is some likelihood that the virus will be contained or destroyed, and in Fact, Germany had very low numbers of deaths compared to the U.S. and most other countries.

And 3M has this to say:

PDF: Respiratory Protection for Airborne Exposures to Biohazards

  • Please note that penetration of particles through the filter is only one of the possible sources of exposure to contaminants. Other potential sources such as faceseal leakage, leakage as a result of improper maintenance, or not wearing the respirator when necessary may contribute more to exposure than filter penetration. Each of these factors must be addressed and controlled. For example, all particulate respirators that are designed to seal to the face (including filtering facepiece respirators) can be fit tested using the saccharin or Bitrex™ qualitative fit test methods (with the exception of full-face masks in some countries in Europe), or using appropriate quantitative fit test methods such as the ambient particle counting method using the TSI® PortaCount®. Wearers must be trained how to properly use and maintain their respirators and the importance of wearing them all of the time during potential exposure.
  • Please also note that respirators help reduce exposure to airborne contaminants but do not prevent the inhalation of all particles. As a result, when properly selected, used and maintained, respirators can lower exposures to concentrations considered safe for most non-biological particles. However, they do not eliminate the risk of exposure, infection, or illness since safe exposure levels have not been established for biological particles. In many countries, types or classes of respirators are given an “assigned protection factor,” or APF. APF is the expected ability of the respirator to reduce exposure when used according to an effective respiratory protection program. For example, an APF of 10 means that a respirator may reduce exposure by a factor of 10 (or 90%) when properly selected, used, and maintained. Therefore, even if a filter could be hypothetically 100% efficient, the expected amount of exposure reduction would be limited by the APF. Because no respirator will prevent the inhalation of all particles, none can entirely eliminate the risk of exposure, infection, and illness.

The above is from people that make the Filtering Facepiece Respirators being used (and other companies also make them). They are referring to the Professional Use of Respirators by people Trained in their Use, Fit Tested, etc., not telling someone to wear a Mask, Scarf, or Bandanna. If Respirators (Negative Pressure Filtering Facepiece Respirators) do not stop all of the pathogens from going in, they won’t stop them from coming out, and with Exhaust Valves, they aren’t really stopping anything from coming out. Surgical Masks, Masks, etc., won’t stop pathogens from going in, and in a limited way stop them from coming out.

And the Eyes are Entry Points for the virus, the Tear drains into the sinuses, and now we’re being told that receptors on the eye afford the virus an attachment point to directly begin to infect the person. Are police enforcing a policy of arresting people not wearing Mono-Goggles?

The Swedish never required Masks, they feel that it encourages people to needlessly fuss with their face, that the contaminated masks can subsequently infect the wearer or someone else by contact with the mask and their mouth, nose, or eyes.

Swedish PM says face masks for Covid-19 offer ‘false sense of security’ to wearers

They say:

Stay socially distant, and to continue regularly washing their hands.


Face masks can be effective against larger free-floating particles [connected to air pollution], but nothing suggests that they help protect you from airborne viruses.”

In the light of 3M’s claim (above), I can see why they are likely less than effective at ensuring that no infection would occur.

Bottom line, the U.S. Govt has been virtually inept in helping it’s citizens. They had since December 2019 to begin to study, to amass Filtering Facepiece Respirators for the public, to provide instructions on whether or not the virus is Airborne, to protect Nursing Homes and other vulnerable people, and to instruct. It’s not this administration that’s to blame, it’s the CDC, the FDA, Fauci, Birx, it’s letting Bill and Melinda Gates have anything to do with this, it’s the WHO and subset groups, they have destroyed the economy on projections that never came true, projections that weren’t ever going to come true.

Elon Musk had this to say:

Virality of C19 is overstated due to conflating diagnosis date with contraction date & over-extrapolating exponential growth, which is never what happens in reality. Keep extrapolating & virus will exceed mass of known universe!

The liberal criticism was that Virality was improper for the usage. No doubt Elon mean the virulence, but to understand that, you’d need commonsense. But early on, even he realized that the virus will not continue to spread, based on the facts known at that time.

The authorities, U.S. and otherwise, have let us down. They have manipulated us, they have put us all at each other’s throats, they have crashed the global economy. All from a lack of honesty, intelligence, and COMMONSENSE.

Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

One thought on “Commonsense – In the U.S., It’s in Short Supply”

  1. jim you are a very smart man on subjects you know something about. its obvious you know about masks or what ever they are supposed to be called, and you are not afraird to say what you think.
    i would liike to see you diatribe here on national articles about the covid problems, you have a voice/pen that should be read

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