A Watch that is also a Measuring Instrument.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch, it’s a Smart Watch. It has the Weather on it, Current and Forecast, I can answer Text Messages (and if I had a Samsung Phone I could answer Phone Calls) with it, return Text Messages with it, it measures Heart Rate, Number of Steps Walked, Flights of Stairs Climbed, etc.

But it measures Altitude and Barometric Pressure as well, and using Barometric Pressure is how it measures Altitude. It seems to have a foot or so of Resolution, so if I raise my arm, the Altitude Increases, and if I lower my arm, the Altitude Decreases.

I found online maps that were Detailed for Altitude, but not Specific Addresses. And ones Detailed for Address, but not Altitude. Grrrr. So I used the better of these maps, walked to the intersection of two streets above my home, set the Altimeter for the specified location, and walked home. My property, at the street, is about 1170 Feet in Altitude.

Using the change in Altitude, it measures Flights of Stairs, sometimes. To work, the arm wearing the watch needs to be swinging, like walking, and the altitude must change by 10 feet. U.S. Homes are marginal, on that 10 foot mark, so often you don’t get credit. But I started walking my street, it’s a steep hill, and I’d climb 12+ Feet, and mostly reliably was credited for 1 flight of stairs. I did that 10+ times a day, in short walks, up a steep hill, I think it helps.

But the Altimeter is intermittent at times, and I bought a Casio that has an Altimeter and measures Barometric Pressure. Unfortunately, though the resolution on the Samsung is at a foot or so, the Casio Watch is 20 Feet, so it’s not quite as useful as the Samsung, but not quite as useful is not the same as useless, and I use it frequently. One of its features, in addition to Barometer and Altimeter, is a Thermometer. If you’re wearing it, it will show your skin temperature, if you want the Ambient Temperature, take off the watch and place it in an area not under: a light fixture that’s on, by a heater, or heat or AC Register, in Direct or Indirect Sunlight, and leave it for perhaps 12 minutes. It will read the temperature of its location.



Casio Men’s Twin Sensor Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch Model SGW-300H

My home is at 1170 Feet above Sea Level, and I took both watches with us one day. The Casio can only read 1160 or 1180 Feet for my location, since it reads in 20 foot of altitude increments.



But the Dog’s Vet was:
965 Feet on the Samsung
960 on the Casio

and the State Store (after the harrowing Vet visit) was
1125 on the Samsung
1120 on the Casio.

That’s an excellent degree of concordance.

Elevation Finder – But the resolution is low, i.e. if I place the cursor on my home, then a nearby neighbor’s home, they read the same, but this is a steep street, and that is simply not true.

Worldwide Elevation Finder / Topographic map / Altitude map – Resolution is better, but no Homes Drawn on Map, so exact placement is impossible, unless you set the Map to Hybrid, then you can see your home Elevation exactly.

Back to these numbers, with the Map Altitudes (Elevations) Added:

Dog’s Vet:
965 Feet on the Samsung
960 on the Casio
955 Feet on the Worldwide Elevation Finder Map and 971 on the Elevation Finder Map.

State Store
1125 on the Samsung
1120 on the Casio.
1112 Feet on the Worldwide Elevation Finder Map and 1112.2 on the Elevation Finder Map.

All together, I think both the websites, and both the Watches, work well.

The Altitude changes as the Barometric Pressure Changes. Neither of these watches read the correct Altitude from day to day, or actually from morning to afternoon. The Samsung Watch tries to correct the Altitude by calculating it on the Cell Tower Altitude (in automatic mode), but it doesn’t work out that well. In areas that are pressurized, Aircraft, for example, and to a degree, Heated and Cooled Buildings, the pressure in the building may not reflect the pressure outside, perhaps the same can be applied to a car with the Windows Up and a Climate Control (heat or AC) running, and these conditions will effect the Altitude Displayed. But you can, during most days, set your watch to a known Altitude (Ergo the Desire to Know an Intersection or my Home Altitude) and calculate the change in Altitude from one area to another within a reasonable amount of time (say a few hours on Stable Days, and less on days where the Barometric Pressure is rapidly changing.



And since they measure Barometric Pressure, you can monitor that, from your wrist, to see if things may be clearing up or getting more stormy.

If you like Facts, like the ability to have Facts first hand, and like to wear a watch, or use the Internet, let this article serve as an enticement to experiment for yourself, and the Casio watch at $39 dollars is a great start. 

In the Image Below, the Function (Baro or Alti) of the Main Display is indicated in the upper part of the Display, the actual time is to its Right. In Time Mode, the Time is in the Main Display, and Day and Date in the Upper Display. 

Watch Combined Images

And Last, but not least, since this is such a popular thing these days, only on one side of the Political Aisle, but lest they object for some idiotic purpose, such as Google claiming that AP has called the election for Biden, and that the Election is “Largely Free of Fraud”, (and people having been shot, and now deceased, are often Largely Free of Bullet Holes, yet that fact didn’t save them) I am preemptively Fact Checking my own blog in the same manner as Google idiotically Fact Checks Political Posts.

Fact Check: 

U.S. Altitudes

AP has Determined that People Living at Greater Altitudes are Racists – Click here for more on Google.

Democrats have put Robust Safeguards in Place to Destroy America and Create Higher Altitude Living Opportunities for Indigent Persons of any Race or 150 or so Genders. 

Author: Dr-Artaud

A Doctor that is not a Doctor, but named after a character in the movie "No Such Thing", as is the Avatar.

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  1. Hi, I have been sharing the post, but in Gab, either it does not appear, or it will appear many times repeated because, again, it works fatal, nefarious (in Spain we say, “It works like the ass”)

    It is the most frustrating, networks like Facebook or Twitter have no flaws, but they have censorship, and those that have freedom of expression, work as the internet did in the 90s, and that, at least for me, completely drives me crazy.

    One day I abandon the internet and all technology and dedicate myself to raising guinea pigs.

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    1. I hope GAB survives, I’m considering Parler, but don’t want to provide a phone number. You can get disposable phone numbers for the purpose, and they don’t prevent tracing, but would stop Spam type calls from occurring. I’m not sure why GAB is so unstable lately. Thanks for the attempts at sharing. There is a delay, in some actions, on GAB, sometimes you don’t think something worked by it did. Hopefully that is the case with some of the latest issues.

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      1. I have been posting all afternoon and part of the night and, at first it seems that it is published, but when performing a new action, the publication disappears, then, in some, it is clear that it has been published because I receive likes, but others It’s like they’ve gone to limbo In addition, most of the time I can’t give likes or retoots, I click on the button, the green lights up but it goes out immediately and there is no record.

        Parler also gets bad from time to time and has very similar faults, although I have been working properly for two days.

        The thing about Gab is a shame, they are presuming that the financing is going very well, that without reaching the middle of the month they cover 100%, but, with these failures, many people will lose their patience and leave and, also, I have the suspicion that what they are doing is prioritizing paid users in some way to the detriment of us, those of us who do not pay.

        Anyway, for today I leave everything, tomorrow will be another day.


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