Severe Convective Weather Forecasts

This Blog is used for Specific Convective Weather Forecasts. If it’s applicable, the Day, Date, and Specific Elements (Marginal, Slight, etc.) and Applicable Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 will be listed in the next field.


This is the Forecast for Convective Weather in the Contiguous 48 States. Convective Weather is Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Wind, and Hail. The Top Image shows the Categorical Outlook, i.e. General Chance of Thunderstorms, Marginal Chance, Slight Chance, Enhanced Chance, Moderate Chance, and High Chance. See the Legend at the Bottom Right of the Top Image. The remaining 3 Images have Legends that show the Probability of the Type of Convective Weather shown on the image. Be alert for Hash Marks in the Probability Colored Areas on the Map, they denote more Severe Weather in terms of Tornado Strength, Wind Speed, and Hail Size.

Some affected cities are listed as well below the Legend.

Visit the Links near the Bottom of the Page to Look for Updates or for the Convective Weather on Days other than those listed. This Post only applies for Convective Weather from (Date and Time) to (Date and Time), subject to Updates.

My Comments are in Italic Text within the *** before my Comment and *** after it.

SEVERE WEATHER OUTLOOKS Shows Impacted Areas in Day 1 Through Day 3 by State. Other Links Included.

Images of the Convective Weather Forecast will Appear Here when this page is Applicable according to the Date and Time given above.

Forecast Header:


The Forecast Header valid period above, I’m not sure why the non-standard notation. Essentially, this report is valid from (Date and Time) to (Date and Time).



The above is the summary without jargon, look for “What, Where, and When!” Although this addresses the Marginal and Slight areas, it may fail to address other areas. So, the Summary may not Summarize very well. But those areas may be covered in other parts of the Forecast. 



Without further ado, is the part of the country not covered by the Summary, if Any. 



The person responsible for this report.



UTC and GMT are universal methods of keeping time. It is based on a reference point in England (Greenwich Mean Time), so it is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time, 6 Hours ahead of Central Time, 7 Hours ahead of Mountain Time, and 8 Hours ahead of Pacific Time. Except during Daylight Savings Time. 

Daylight Savings affects the local time, UTC or GMT do not honor Daylight Savings. I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, UTC/GMT is 5 hours ahead, except we’re currently in Daylight Savings Time, so it’s only 4 hours ahead. For me, the next Day 1 (current day) outlook is (provide Standard Time and UTC Time). 


Next Update to this Report is listed Below: 


Severe Convective Weather:
Current Outlooks
Current Day 1 Outlook After 8:00 AM EDT
Valid Day 1 Outlook From Yesterday, Use Only Before 8:00 EDT 

GIF of Current Weather, Click Below:
Animated Weather Graphic:

This Page is for Severe Convective Weather Forecasts and when content is displayed here, it will be for a day or two and will be indicated by the Applicable Date/s.  This Page is used to permit Linking to this Blog when Longer Posts are required to discuss an issue but that the discussion and supporting links and drawings would be too big for a specific forum, or contains Links and Drawings that would not be possible to conveniently list on the forum.

Nevertheless, the above Links are valid to Severe Convective Weather Forecasts.

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