Severe Convective Weather Forecast Particulars

Description: Convective Weather Forecast is from the National Weather Service henceforth in these Blog Entries noted as NWS.

Convective Weather consists of Thunderstorms, Tornados, Wind, and Hail. The Convective Weather Forecast from the NWS isn’t for Hurricanes, Snow, Rain without the aforementioned aspects (i.e. isn’t for Hurricanes, Snow, Rain, except as the described events characteristic of Convective Weather occur).

This Weather Forecast was featured on Underground Revolution, a Mighty Networks Blog Page and was made possible by the Article Mode that Mighty Text Featured on it’s Website. GAB is missing this Feature, ergo the reason this is being Featured on WordPress and a link provided to GAB users via the Underground Revolution Group on GAB.

Limitations: Weather is a volatile and rapidly changing thing. The information herein is provided for the Day, Month, Year, and Time specified in the Beginning of the Weather Blog Entry. The Graphs and Forecast Discussion can change at the NWS at any moment (though there are customary update times for them). I have endeavored to provide information valid for the time that I prepared these posts, on a Daily Basis, as possible. Any specific Day’s Forecast may, or may not be, updated during the day. For that reason, I have provided a Link to the Resources at the NWS so that you can see the situation as it currently stands. Readers of the Weather Forecast Blog Entries should check for the latest Updates at the NWS to be sure the information is current and to see the Graphics as they apply to the Reader’s area of concern (Home, Work, Relative’s Home, etc.).

Taylor Desktop Weather Set

Other Resources: A YouTube Channel, at the Following Link, provides information relative to Convective and other weather, and has live coverage for damaging storms. It seems to be worth the time to visit and watch, when I last saw it, he also references the NWS and provides the Current Convective Weather Forecast Maps during Live Streams and may be of assistance to people in the affected areas. This individual, at this time, has 147,000 Subscribers, this seems like a genuine effort.

Direct Weather 

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