Ceiling Fan Blog Entry Part III Replacing Marginal Capacitor

Ceiling Fan Blog Entry Part II – Mapping Those Switches

Repairing Ceiling Fans, some necessary points

This Blog Entry is part of a Series, and is actually a sequel to the Part II listed above. The original Entry is included below that.

The Bedroom Fan, found to have a Bad Pull Chain Switch (which was replaced), and a Marginal Capacitor (Which wasn’t replaced, as the Condition looked good, just that the values were off a little when measured), still wasn’t running properly.

Panel 1

Panel 2-1

So I ordered the capacitor from Ceiling Fan Parts , received it in a few days time, and installed it.

It’s a 3 Wire Capacitor, with 1.5 uf and 2.5 uf Capacitance (2 Wires), and a Common Wire (1 Wire) between the Capacitors, and the Connection Color Coding was Identical Between the Old and New Capacitor (and with respect to the specific Capacitance).


I removed the Light Bulbs and Globes, to lighten the Light Assembly, and all I did was to remove the Light Assembly Screws and let it hang down, with the Bulbs and Globes it would be too heavy to do this.

I removed the 3 Speed Pull Chain Switch, 2 of the 3 Capacitor Wires needed removed from the Switch.

Review: Switch has Power from Reversing Switch (1 Wire), is Connected to Motor (1 Wire), and is Connected to 2 Capacitor Leads (2 Wires) for a Total of 4 Wires on the Switch.

I noted that the Yellow Lead went to Terminal 1 and is 1.5 uf.

I noted that the Purple Lead went to Terminal 2 and is 2.5 uf.

Capacitor for WP Ceiling Fan Blog

I Tinned the ends of the Capacitor Wires prior to working on the Fan since this is needed to push the Wires into the Quick Connect Terminals on the Switch.

I then removed the needed Wires from the Switch using a Cake Tester (Thick Pin, Small Nail, etc,) to press the Spring Metal Flap open on the Quick Connect and pull the wire out. The Cake Tester Pulls right out.

I inserted the correct Wire color from the New Capacitor into the Switch Terminals, and I Reinstalled the Switch.

The Red Lead (the common lead to the 2 Capacitors) was a Wire Nut Connection, I removed the Old Wire and Replaced it with the New Wire. Then, place the Capacitor back into the Hub on the Ceiling Fan, the Wires in the Hub held it in place, though the original had Double Sided Tape, I didn’t find it necessary to use that.

Then Reinstall the Light Assembly, being careful not to pinch wires or have them pressed against the areas that will receive the Light Assembly Screws.

That’s it, put the Globes back on, the Light Bulbs in, and Turn on the Power and Try it out.

It’s noisier now, I suspect the Globes are Vibrating from the motor, but it seems like it will keep running on low, and we have ordered Rubber Band Type things used to Silence the Globes by giving the Screws something soft to press against.

Bedroom Ceiling Fan

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