Air Rifle Model Suggestion Needed

I need an Air Rifle. Well, if you’ve seem my Blog (in general with some Air Gun stuff), or my Group Posts on GAB, it might seem inconsistent. But I got Rats, and I need to eliminate them.

They aren’t in the house, they are outside. We have Bird Feeders, and ordinarily that would attract them, but we buy Cayenne Laced Bird Seeds, Mammals can’t really eat them, but I think they set-up here with the expectation of eating the seeds. In the past, I used my Minute Man Air Rifle, .22 Caliber, and it killed them, but not quick enough. Despite being rats, I don’t want them to slink off and suffer.

I have an RWS 45, RWS300R, RWS 54, (all .177) and a Minuteman (.22):

Air Guns – Does Size Matter?

Group - 1
Group - 101

The Photos show the Method of Cocking the Rifle, Barrel, Under Lever, Side Lever, and Barrel. But it also shows the incredible difference in size. Since I’m in a Town, and Towns tend to prohibit discharging a Firearm, and somehow, Air Guns are often included in such prohibitions, I don’t want to use something conspicuous. I have already dispatched 5 rats, last year, and I am still feeling guilty. I don’t like killing things, but I don’t like rats even more.

Why do I have rats?

1. The borough is known for it, probably from the restaurants not far away.

2. Restaurants were closed by covid regulations, and the rats previously fed by waste needed to diversify food sources.

3. My neighbor was notorious for putting Trash Bags on his front porch or the side of his house. He started to amend his ways when one of his teenage daughters sat transfixed on his porch, looking into her phone, and a rat came on the porch.

The same neighbor cooks out, and uses an outdoor grille on the porch. And they had worn trashcans, with holes in the bottom, the rats colonized just below the trash as they could enter by the bottom of the can and eat away.

He cleaned the porch, bought new cans, puts the trash in the cans, uses lids, and poisoned the holes where the rats were. He no longer has rats, they moved to my yard.

If I poison the rats, I might poison Chipmunks and Squirrels too, which I don’t want to do. If something finds and eats the poisoned rat (dead or otherwise), it might also be poisoned.

Back to Air Guns…

Spring Piston Air Guns Compress a Volume of Air, when Air is Compressed, it’s heated, when it’s heated in the presence of lubricating fluids (oil), it ignites the oil.

Daisy, at one time, had a Caseless .22 Firearm that used the Heated Air to Ignite the Powder on the Base of the Bullet.

Daisy Caseless 22
The Ammo, Caseless .22, above, and one of the Daisy Rifles that were available, below, I believe it  is an Under Lever.
Daisy Underlever Caseless 22
Here’s more on Dieseling (I’ve seen exploded Receivers from using an Ignitable Solvent to intentionally cause Dieseling):

My problem is my BIGGER GUNS, above, almost always Diesel on the first shot after sitting idle, and it sounds just like a .22 Rimfire. There is smoke in the barrel. The next shot, quiet, you can hear the spring making a noise. But the combination of a ponderously sized rifle, and an unexpected discharge report, my odds of having someone call the police is greater. Even if I risk the sound, I simply do not want to wield a large rifle while trying to catch the infrequent activity of the rats.

I wrote to Pyramid Air Guns, and though they responded, and I appreciate their advice, I still can’t find a small Spring Air Rifle, like the Minute Man, let alone find one with Sufficient Power, especially in the amount I’m willing to pay. $450 at this time is just a little too much.

Here’s what they suggested:

But it’s still 43″ Overall Length, the RWS 54 Side Lever is 43″, the 300R is 45″, and the RWS 45 is 45 1/2″ Look at the difference in the photos at the beginning.

I want something shorter, and it must be not only possible, there must be one on the market somewhere. Pyramid recommends .22 Pellets for the application, but I’d take .20 or .22

Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve looked and looked, and can’t find one. I have CO2, Pneumatic, and Spring Air Pistols, and a Sheridan and Daisy Pneumatic Rifles, as well as the Christmas Story Style Red Ryder Spring Piston Air Rifle. CO2 and Pneumatic are too noisy, and the Red Ryder isn’t Powerful Enough, but it is fine for plinking with, same applies to the Spring Air Pistols.

 Open to Suggestions! 

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