Christmas 2022 Gift Suggestions, Flashlights, the Perfect Gift!

Christmas, and the Magic of Amazon and other mail order centers, means that things can be purchased by mail and delivered within days.

Flashlights, most people need them, but what to buy?

My recommendations are for Modest, Practical, Lights that use Alkaline or Standard Batteries over Rechargeable Batteries. Lithium Batteries have been known to explode or burst into flames. Not often, mind you, but I would not want a Headlamp with that possibility, it’s being worn by the Eyes on the Head.

And, I have had the misfortune of having a certain model Headlamp (the manufacturer is not any of those mentioned here) cause me to have brief Eye Pain and a persistent Green Spot in my vision for hours, I thought it would never go away. I was staring at the Lens, there was a small screw that is apparently the Stop for rotation of the lens, I thought it may be used to contact a switch and I watched it as I turned the Lens and the Light came on. I believe that model had poorly designed optics, and the Retinal Injury was caused by Point Source issues that can occur with LED Lights. Point Source is the phenomenon of the LED Light being generated at a very small point (versus Filament Incandescents that the Light is Generated by the Glowing along the Filament aka a Diffuse Source) and this Point of Intense Light, if presented to the eye, can actually cause damage to the Retina.

In my opinion, Insanely Intense LED Lights are prone to cause Vision Impairment or Loss in Humans and Animals and should be avoided except for very specialized needs in limited situations. One would not let a grandchild play with an Insanely Intense LED Product, therefore, I recommend the LED Lights I have used that are more than adequate for Work and General Home Use but not the Insanely Intense LED Products that attract some (but still use care around kids and animals).

Laser and LED retina hazard assessment with an eye simulator


  • All Princeton Tec products are designed, manufactured and assembled in our New Jersey workshops.
  • Our story begins at the bottom of the ocean and now spans more than 45 years.

Looking now, the selection has changed considerably from the last time I visited their page, because of that, I’m sticking to endorsing the items I’m familiar with.

Handheld Flashlight, I highly recommend the Torrent:


Princeton Tec Torrent LED 280 Lumen Dive Light

This is a Diver’s Flashlight. Even if you don’t do Diving (underwater exploration), it must be evident that it needs to be Water Proof, and many Flashlights that indicate that they can be exposed to Rain (Water Resistant) cannot be submerged, and exposed to Rain in subjective, so that very heavy downpours may cause water infiltration on lesser lights, but not on the Torrent. It operates on 4 or 8 AA Batteries (they put 4 Batteries in parallel with the other 4, to double the current and therefore the length of time the Flashlight Operates, but it will operate with only 4 Batteries). It’s available in 2 colors, Neon Yellow (mine) and Black. 8 AA Batteries are Included. It has a Locking Switch (Locks in Off Position). Just a great Flashlight with a robust feel.

In the Specifications found online, please note that the Burn Time of 1.5 Hours is with 8 AA Batteries and the Light at Full Brightness. As the Batteries Discharge, the Brightness Decreases very gradually over time, and the Light will operate at Reduced Brightness for up to 138 Hours. Changing the Batteries would then restore Full Brightness for another Cycle of Use.

Regulated LED Lights hold the full brightness as the Battery Voltage Drops until it Drops Below a Certain Point, then the Light Begins to Dim. Non-Regulated LEDs begin to dim as the voltage drops at all, so they only briefly are at full brightness.

Regulated LED:

  • Sophisticated Regulating Circuit Maintains Initial Brightness As-Long-As Batteries Have Sufficient Voltage
  • Burn Time (500 Lumens): 1.5-Hours
  • Total Burn Time: Up to 138-Hours

Princeton Tec Torrent LED Dive Light (500 Lumens, Neon Yellow), one Size

Princeton Tec Torrent 500 – Review, Ownership, and Warranty Experience

Please remember that it is a decent Diving Flashlight and an Exceptional General Use Flashlight. I have one, I have loaned it to relatives going camping, they liked it, and I use it around the house.

Princeton Tec Headlamps.

These are two headlamps that I really like, they have design considerations that make them suitable for use in Industry, but really are well made, great home performers. The EOS is a Headlamp I bought from an Amish Store. I really like it’s size, light beam, and performance. As we had situations with Ignitable Atmospheres at work, I introduced this Headlamp to my Workplace, and it is well liked. They chose to order the EOS II, which provided additional safety for our workplace exposures. But the EOS is fine, has 3 Light Levels, and a Strobe, and it’s much less expensive.

The Following Images are Slightly Different in Device Labeling from the Current Design, it’s only a superficial difference so I didn’t update the images.


Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp

The EOS is Rated at 300 Lumens and:

  • Suitable for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous Locations
  • A waterproof, durable, simple to use workhorse headlamp.
  • Offers high, medium, low and flash output modes. Uses a Maxbright LED that allows for the beam to spot at distances. Using a Princeton Tec designed optic, the EOS provides a clean beam pattern that is great for both localized needs as well as spotting a target as far as 60 meters away.


Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamp


The EOS II Rated at 170 Lumens and:

  • Intrinsically Safe (Pertains to Exposure to Ignitable Gases and Vapors)
  • Suitable for use in CL I, DIV 1, Groups A, B, C, D. TEMP CODE T4.
  • Waterproof, and constructed of high grade materials. The technology inside offers the best in long burn times and utilizes advanced circuitry that regulates the output providing superior and constant brightness on two modes.


MagLites, they are world renown, high quality, and MADE IN THE U.S.

  • Every single production employee on the Mag Instrument payroll lives and works in the U.S.A.
  • Of course, Mag does employ sales personnel in the other regions of the world where Mag® flashlights are sold; but all of Mag’s flashlight production facilities, and all of its production employees, are in the U.S.A.
  • Every Mag Instrument flashlight, no matter where in the world it ends up, comes from a factory located in the U.S.A. and staffed by American workers.

Here are 2 that I own. These are exceptional lights. The first one below is the newer one, it has a Grenade Style Grip. Very nice Light, such a performer.

The Second is similar with a Knurled Grip, and mine is so old, it was incandescent. I bought a New Reflector for it, and an LED Conversion, and it is a performer too, but my conversion cost me about the same as buying the ML300LX, and since the ML300LX was designed as an LED Unit, it produces a Better Spot and Spill Pattern in the Light Beam than the Converted One. Nevertheless, the Flashlight is 35 years old or older, and still works perfectly, justifying the initial cost, which, even by today’s standards, is reasonable.

I have used the 2 links in the following because they have stock at a fair price, and seem to be able to get them out before Christmas.

Maglite ML300LX 625 Lumens 3-Cell D LED Flashlight (Black Matte, Clamshell Packaging)

Mag Lite 300LX

MAGLITE LED 625 Lumens 3-Cell D Flashlight

Mag Lite Original

The following are not U.S. Made, to my knowledge, but deserve mention.

I own one of these Spotlights, it is really bright, projects intensely. I can examine my property from my bathroom window at night, it is really a performer (I look for rabbits and deer, and we place apple slices in the backyard the next night if we see them. In the summer we have Ground Level and Above Ground Bird Baths/Deer and Rabbit Water Dishes as well). The light performs well. The Safety that prevents the Light from coming on is a little cheap in feel and use, but it works well.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight

Rayovac Indestructible 6AA Pistol-Grip LED Spotlight

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight, 750 Lumen Waterproof Spot Flashlight, Amazon Link 

Rayovac Sportsman INDESTRUCTIBLE Spotlight

Police Security 99434 Blackout 615 LuML300LX LED 3-CELL D FLASHLIGHT Rechargeable LED Headlamp Amazon Link

Police Security Headlamp

This is a Great Headlamp, but if you have Children, or Grandchildren, you don’t want them to get to this. When I bought my house, it came equipped with rats. We didn’t know that, and since rats were present, the rats went first, then rewired the home, then moved in. The Exterminator used this model of light, and I was impressed. 2 Light Intensity Levels, and the Lens in front of the LED moves in and out, to create a small intense square of light, to a broad circle of light. I like the light, it uses 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, held in a pack at the back of the head. I would not wear a Rechargeable Pack on my Head as Lithium Batteries have been known to explode or ignite, and with it against your head, I would think it could be fatal. But these are not rechargeable. But the Lens in front of the LED is essentially a Magnifying Glass, and I saw warnings not to look at an LED with a Magnifier as it can cause Retinal Damage.

Despite the Battery Pack on the Rear, the Light is very comfortable to wear, much more so than some smaller Headlamps that I have owned.

For more Information, Please also see my Previous Blog Entries (some will contain missing links due to their age and changes at the targeted websites):

My Headlamp Collection and Warning on Possible Retinal Damage That May Occur from Some LED Products

Bright Flashlights, Spotlight, Particles in Air, and Masks.

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