Unusual Music Videos and More

The first videos feature Russia. That backward place, locked in the Soviet Union Era. Well, Clearly that’s not true, you can see that Russia may actually be more advanced than the U.S. in terms of the modern designs in it’s cities. I’ve always felt that Trade with Russia would be in everyone’s best interest. The U.S. could manufacture goods, Russians manufacture goods, and the Chinese would be incentivized to manufacture a higher quality product to compete with Russia. Mind you, there are fine things produced in China. I disassembled a Thermostat, prior to using it in a home we rented in the country but only visited on Weekends, Holidays, and Vacation. The Thermostat, made in China, was very nicely made and worked just fine. But I can’t say that for a plethora of other things I’ve had that were made in China.

Modern Moscow. Europe’s largest city

Moscow Russia Aerial Drone 5K Timelab.pro

Next, I happened across this video, from 2012, and it caught my attention.

I could not find “The Tribe”, but wanted to know more. I researched and finally found this:

“”Tha Tribe” is a powwow drum.

“Tha Tribe,” has been making their way around the powwow circle for a number of years. The drum group consists of singers representing the Cherokee, Hopi-Tewa, Apache, Oneida, Menominee, Shoshone-Bannock, Sioux, Northern Ute, and Hallwa-Saponi Tribes. Their music is all northern style singing.””

Young Spirit – Fancy Fan Action (Tha Powwow 2012)

And my interest in the Native American Video above was piqued by the Following Video:

DJ Shub – Indomitable ft. Northern Cree Singers (Official Video)

A Comment for the “Tha Powwow 2012” Video mentioned the New Zealand Haka shown below (Use the Link, the Video doesn’t Permit Playing on a Remote Site, it should Open in a New Tab):

Farewell Haka for Mr Stuart Leighton 

The Following Video is the Haka as well. “Ahead of the final of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand, the French team formed an arrow as the All Blacks performed their pre-match tradition – the Haka.” 

The New Zealand Team won!!

The Greatest Haka EVER?

Returning to a more, U.S. Traditional Motivational Technique, we have the Following:

‘The Sandman’ is a short film featuring the Trona, California High School Football team as they train and go through Hell Week in preparation for the upcoming Fall 2015 season. 

The Sandman

Of the videos featuring Native Americans, New Zealanders, and Americans, they show Unity, Multi-Cultural (Multi-Tribe for the Native Americans), and Resolve, and this is what is missing in America, likely in Europe, from mind numbing exposure to media designed to program us into a specific behavior.

“A poetic short film by Max Stossel & Sander van Dijk:

In the Attention Economy, technology and media are designed to maximize our screen-time. But what if they were designed to help us live by our values?”

This Panda Is Dancing 

A more Cynical Look on Media, I offer the following:

RogerEbert.com VIDEO ESSAY: TV Takeover

If you believe TV, why is this Black Woman happier in the South than she was in the North. She joined the Tea Party and Carries the Confederate Flag as part of the Virginia Flaggers.

Battle Flag – Karen Cooper

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